Earn an average $100,000 per Client Referral!

All you need to do is send an email introducing us to potential clients, and you’ll earn a generous 10% commission on any revenue generated from the projects they bring. The best part? There are no limits to your earnings, and there’s no need to watch the clock – your 10% commission is valid for the entire lifetime of the project. So, start sending those emails today and watch your earnings soar with no cap and no expiry date.

Empowering Innovation: Success Stories with Startups and Corporate Leaders


Partner in three simple steps!

Open for companies and individuals alike.

Introduction Meeting

We’re committed to fostering a transparent and fruitful partnership and this is the first step. Let’s embark on this journey together – schedule your first meeting with us today!”

Formalize the Partnership

We hold a deep commitment to clarity and integrity in all our business endeavors and signing partnership contract serves as a testament to that commitment.

Email and Earn

Start sending intro email and earn 10% per every project generated from each intro. You can also be as involed as much or as little as you want. 

Sample Project Information

Average Project Valued at $500,000.

A good example is a React.js-based double-sided marketplace web application we recently developed for a client, connecting buyers and sellers seamlessly with user-friendly interfaces and robust backend functionality. This project spanned several months, including planning, design, development, testing, and deployment, tailored to specific requirements. To ensure top-tier performance and scalability, we’ve hosted this web app on AWS (Amazon Web Services), renowned for its reliability and security. This example underscores our proficiency in crafting intricate web applications, offering exceptional user experiences while leveraging cutting-edge technology and dependable infrastructure.


A word from our Partners

"I couldn't believe how easy it was to convert my network into cash flow with Apoddo. Their referral program is a goldmine. I have been earning hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and there's no cap or expiry date!"

Emily Johnson

Toronto, Canada

"Apoddo referals have transformed my contacts into consistent income. It started with a single email, and now I generate substantial revenue every year. Their partnership program is truly remarkable."

Mark Müller

Berlin, Germany

"I'm amazed at how effortless it is to earn. A simple email referral turned into a substantial yearly income. I enjoy substantial earnings year after year. The best part? There's no limit to how much I can earn!"

Anders Olsen

Oslo, Norway

"A phone call referral turned my network into a source of substantial annual income. The 'no cap, no expiry' policy is a game-changer!"

Liam Callahan

San Francisco, California, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Referral Partnership Program

How will I know if my referral has engaged your services, and when can I expect to receive my commission?

We maintain open communication throughout the referral process. You will be promptly informed when your referral engages our services, and commissions are typically paid a few weeks after the successful engagement.

Are there any restrictions on the number of referrals I can send or the industries they can come from?

There are no restrictions and no cap on the number of referrals you can send, and we welcome referrals from various industries. We appreciate the diversity of our network.

How do you protect the privacy and confidentiality of the referrals I send?

We take data privacy and confidentiality seriously. Rest assured that all information you provide will be handled with the utmost care and in compliance with data protection regulations as it is specified in the patnership contract we will sign.

What if my referral has specific needs or requirements? Will they still receive the same level of attention?

We specialize in tailoring solutions to meet unique client needs. Your referrals will benefit from our personalized approach, ensuring their specific requirements are met.

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