Revolutionizing scheduling: Apoddo’s innovative approach with TCPSoftware


Human Resources

Technologies Used

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • HTML 5
  • SCSS
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • AWS


TCPSoftware, a leader in providing employee time tracking and integrated workforce management solutions, recognized a pivotal opportunity to augment its offering. Driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence, the company sought to invest in the research and development of a new auto-scheduling module. The vision was to seamlessly integrate this advanced feature with their core product, enhancing the user experience and operational efficiency for organizations of all sizes across various sectors.



  • Develop a machine learning algorithm to auto-schedule staff by analyzing previous shifts.
  • Create an innovative solution to render a vast number of shifts on a single screen for easy management.
  • Integrate the updated scheduling module seamlessly with TCPSoftware’s existing suite of tools.

The Approach

Apoddo embarked on a journey with TCPSoftware to refine and enhance the staff scheduling module. Utilizing a diverse set of technologies including Python, PHP, Node.js, HTML, SCSS, React, Redis, and PostgreSQL, Apoddo formulated a comprehensive strategy to achieve the objectives.

Machine Learning Algorithm

A Python-based machine learning algorithm was developed to analyze previous shifts. This algorithm was intricately designed to study patterns, employee performance, and other variables to auto-schedule staff efficiently. It ensured that the staff was allocated optimally, considering their skills, work preferences, and organizational needs.

Innovative Rendering Solution

Apoddo tackled the challenge of displaying extensive shift data on a single screen by integrating advanced visualization techniques with React. This enabled a clear, concise representation of complex scheduling data. Managers could instantly grasp comprehensive scheduling overviews, facilitating swift, informed decision-making. This blend of visual clarity and functional efficiency catered specifically to the needs of large corporations, setting a new standard in workforce management user experience.


The enhanced scheduling module was integrated using Node.js and PHP, ensuring that it worked seamlessly with TCPSoftware’s existing systems. Redis and PostgreSQL were used to optimize data handling and ensure that the updated module was both efficient and scalable.


Apoddo’s contributions led to significant improvements in TCPSoftware’s scheduling module:

Efficiency: The machine learning algorithm reduced the time required for scheduling, as it auto-generated optimal staff schedules by learning from historical data.

User Experience: The innovative rendering solution offered a user-friendly interface that could effortlessly handle thousands of shifts, enabling easy management and enhanced usability.

Scalability: The integration of advanced technologies ensured that the enhanced scheduling module could easily scale to meet the demands of both public and private sector organizations of all sizes.

Risk Management: With automated and optimized scheduling, organizations could better manage risks associated with human errors, compliance issues, and labor costs.

Apoddo’s expertise and innovative approach transformed TCPSoftware’s staff scheduling module into a highly efficient, user-friendly, and scalable solution. The collaborative effort not only addressed the immediate challenges but also positioned TCPSoftware as a leader in providing cutting-edge workforce management solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of diverse organizations. The enhanced module is a testament to the synergy of Apoddo and TCPSoftware, showcasing how innovative solutions can drive efficiency, manage risks, and control costs in workforce management.

Working with the Apoddo team was a genuinely positive experience. The team was focused and committed, showcasing a level of professionalism that made collaboration easy and productive.

Apoddo’s enthusiasm for overcoming the complexities of the new auto-scheduling module was evident. They were motivated and resourceful, demonstrating a capability to navigate challenges with innovative solutions. Communication was straightforward and timely, which fostered a supportive and cooperative working environment. We appreciate their contribution and are pleased with the results of this collaborative project.

Vlad, Project Manager



Post-launch, the feedback from TCPSoftware’s customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The incorporation of the new auto-scheduling module has not only streamlined their operational processes but also optimized staff allocation and productivity. Clients appreciate the reduction in time and effort previously expended on manual scheduling. The module’s intuitive design and efficiency are frequently highlighted, underscoring a marked improvement in users’ experience. Customers express that the auto-scheduling feature is a testament to TCPSoftware’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, offering tailored solutions that significantly enhance workforce management.


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