About us

Founded by top 5 tech giants alumni

Apoddo is founded by early Amazon and Tesla engineers, specializes in delivering flexible, scalable, and trustworthy software solutions. We leverage our deep industry expertise to adapt to your unique needs, ensuring customized development that evolves with your business. Our commitment to transparency, security, and reliability builds trust, making us your dependable choice for software development.

Apoddo culture 

AI Empowered Engineering

AI Empowered Engineering at Apoddo isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s our way of enhancing best practices in software development. We’re passionate about what we do and firmly believe that great engineers are driven by their love for engineering. That’s why we handpick engineers who are not only exceptionally talented but also share our deep passion for the craft. We combine this human-centric approach with cutting-edge AI tools, making us agile and adaptable to the ever-evolving tech landscape. By blending the best practices from industry giants and startups, we’ve created Apoddo—a dynamic force poised to bring innovation and efficiency to your projects. With us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting a partner committed to engineering excellence powered by AI.

Data Engineering Team

This team working with big data plays a critical role in harnessing the power of massive, complex datasets. They are tasked with building and maintaining robust data pipelines, ensuring efficient data flow from various sources to storage and analysis systems. Their expertise enables the cleansing, structuring, and enriching of data, making it accessible and useful for data scientists and analysts. This team is essential in transforming raw data into actionable insights, driving data-driven decision-making and supporting advanced analytics initiatives in any organization.

Dusan Milic

Software Architect


Drazen Jovanovic

Senior PHP Engineer


Veljko Plecas

Java Engineer


Aleksandar Kotur

Back-end Engineer


Stefan Golubovic

Java Engineer


Boris Music

Automation QA Lead Engineer


Milenko Brkovic

DevOps Lead


Luka Stasic

Technical Support


Jovica Lelek

Team Lead Software Engineer


Aleksandar Milic

Data Platform Engineer


Stefan Djurovic

Automation QA Engineer


Fintech Team

Fintech team dedicated to building systems for handling millions of transactions excels in creating secure, scalable, and efficient platforms. They focus on crafting robust systems that not only process high volumes of transactions seamlessly but also rigorously adhere to privacy and compliance regulations. This meticulous approach ensures data security and trust, which are paramount in the financial industry. Their expertise in balancing high-performance transaction processing with stringent regulatory requirements is crucial for the integrity and success of financial operations in a digital world.

Zorana Covic

QA Engineer


Aleksandar Djordjevic

Full Stack Engineer


Vladimir Prsendic

Lead Software Engineer


Nikola Tadic

Full Stack Engineer


Mihailo Jancic

UX / UI Designer


Marko Karajlovic

Mobile Developer


Djordje Vujinovic

Back-end Engineer


Advanced Technologies Team

The advanced technology team is tasked with the exploration, development, and integration of new technologies. Their role is pivotal in keeping an organization at the forefront of innovation. They delve into research to uncover emerging technologies, develop novel solutions, and adapt these advancements to enhance existing systems or create new ones. This team’s work is crucial for staying competitive in a rapidly evolving tech landscape, as they not only anticipate but also shape future technological trends.

Mina Nemet

Front End Engineer


Nikola Milovanovic

Mobile Engineer


Jovica Lelek

Team Lead Software Engineer


Sinan Dizdarevic

Mobile Engineer


Sava Simic

Senior Software Architect


Nikola Jasek

Python Engineer


AI Team

Our AI team is focused on training models and integrating artificial intelligence into daily operations. Their expertise lies in developing and refining AI algorithms, ensuring these models are accurate, efficient, and tailored to specific operational needs. This team plays a key role in harnessing AI’s potential to automate processes, enhance decision-making, and provide insights, thereby transforming the way an organization operates and competes in a tech-driven landscape.

Jovana Milic

AI Engineer


Milos Jovanovic

Lead Machine Learning Engineer


Slavica Milosevic

Data Scientist


Marko Zorcic

AI Engineer


Darko Milosevic

Data Scientist


E-commerce, Streaming Team

A team specializing in building both e-commerce platforms and video streaming services is adept in creating diverse yet integrated digital experiences. Their expertise lies in developing robust e-commerce systems that offer seamless shopping experiences, while simultaneously engineering high-quality video streaming capabilities. This dual focus requires a deep understanding of user experience, technical scalability, and content delivery optimization. The team ensures a smooth, engaging user journey whether customers are browsing products or streaming content, making them vital in crafting versatile and dynamic digital environments.

Andrija Vulicevic

Senior Front End Engineer


Bosko Cancarevic

Front End Engineer


Marko Bogicevic

Senior QA Automation Engineer


Aleksa Zdravkovic

Senior Full Stack Engineer


Nemanja Micic

Senior Front End Engineer


Healthcare Technologists

The healthcare software team dedicated to managing patient data focuses on developing systems that prioritize both privacy and accuracy. Their work involves creating solutions that handle sensitive health information with the utmost confidentiality, adhering to strict privacy laws and regulations. Simultaneously, they ensure the data is processed with rigorous accuracy, essential for reliable medical insights and patient care. This balance of security and precision is vital in healthcare, where the integrity and trustworthiness of patient data are fundamental.

Milena Jokic

.NET Engineer


Milos Urosevic

.NET Engineer


Milica Zivkovic

.NET Engineer


Marko Stankovic

Full Stack Engineer


Bogdan Jankovic

Senior .NET Engineer


Business Intelligence Team

Our Business Intelligence (BI) team excels in converting data into actionable insights. They specialize in analyzing complex data sets to uncover patterns, trends, and opportunities. Using advanced analytics and visualization tools, the BI team transforms raw data into understandable reports and dashboards, aiding strategic decision-making across the organization. Their role is crucial in empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and identify new market opportunities, thereby playing a key role in driving growth and efficiency.

Jovana Mihailovic

Business Intelligence Developer || Power Bi, SSAS, SQL, Data Modeling, Azure


Uros Tajovic

Senior Data Scientist


Tanja Slavkovic

Business Intelligence || Tableau, Power Bi, SQL


Igor Zivkovic

Python | SQL | Tableau | Microsoft Power BI


Zarko Jakovljevic

Senior Business Intelligence Developer


Executive Operations Team

The executive team is pivotal in steering a company towards its vision. They handle a wide array of responsibilities, from recruiting top talent to ensuring smooth operations across departments. This team sets the strategic direction, aligns company goals with daily activities, and oversees critical decisions. Their leadership ensures that the company not only achieves its current objectives but is also poised for future success, reflecting a deep commitment to the organization’s core mission and values.

Mila Antonic

Director of EMEA Sales and Head of Global Strategic Expansion


Dejana Dimitrijevic

HR Manager


Filip Djordjevic




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