The Future of Retail: Integrating Streaming into E-Commerce Platforms


Streaming, E-commerce

Technologies Used

  • Node.js
  • Python
  • GraphQL
  • HTML 5
  • SCSS
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • AWS

Introduction is a leading social commerce platform uniquely tailored for athletes, enabling them to engage with and monetize their fan base effectively. This innovative platform provides athletes with tools to build their brand, channel, and following, irrespective of their career stage, by combining the world’s best technologies in a comprehensive solution. The platform’s core services—Memorabilia, WatchStream, and Merch—are designed to foster direct interaction between athletes and their fans. This approach positions as a revolutionary player in the sports technology and ecommerce industry.


Apoddo’s Support:

With a small in-house development team, Millions sought to expand its development capacity without the overhead of hiring full-time staff. Apoddo, known for its staff augmentation services, was approached. Apoddo assessed Millions’ current team composition, technology stack, and project requirements. A dedicated team consisting of software developers, devops engineers and QA engineers was formed, specialising in the technologies used by Millions: React, TypeScript, HTML, SCSS, Node.js, GraphQL and AWS.

Apoddo understood the unique challenges startups face. They not only helped us find talented software developers but also made it incredibly easy for us to adjust resources as needed.

Kayla Black, Head Of HR



The ongoing partnership between Apoddo and Millions demonstrated the effectiveness of staff augmentation in providing flexible, skilled resources to enhance software development capabilities. Apoddo’s approach not only accelerated Millions’ project timelines but also improved the overall quality of the platform, contributing to a better user experience and supporting Millions’ growth objectives.


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