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Using productivity boosting AI tools we make sure our developers are working in the most time efficient manner thus making sure you get the most value for your money.

No longterm obligations, no liability, no risk, budget friendly.

Why Part-time?

AI Powered

All our developers use cutting edge AI tools to double their productivity.

The best value for money spent

A developer hired full time works approximately 5 hours a day, yet you pay him the full 8 hours. A part time developer works 4 hours per day and you pay 4 hours day.

Hire fast

An average it takes to hire a full time developer is measured in months, whereas a part time developer can start in days.

More flexibility

Part time developers are engaged on flexible basis, in case your workload decreases you can decrease their hourly engagement.

The helping hand

Assisting Your Team

We recommend keeping the core team on a full time basis and hiring part-time developers as the helping hands during times of increased workload such as website redesign, api migrations and bug-fixing.

Another great example is using highly experienced part-time developers to mentor your full time developers in order to help them grow their skills and experience faster.

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For 5 years we have been providing IT recruiting, payroll, tax and legal related services to select clients.



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Trusted Feedback

 As a fintech startup with no engineers on board, we were in need of a reliable partner to help us build our technical team. Apoddo stepped in and exceeded our expectations. They quickly understood our needs and provided us with a team of hard working engineers specialized in fintech. Their rates were very reasonable and their team was easy to work with. 

Jon Greyem, CEO
Tabski LLC St Louis, MO, USA since 2021.


Even as large corporation finding the right tech talent was hard, sometimes time constrained sometimes budget constrained, sometimes urgently to fill the critical roles. This required having a reliable hiring partner, Apoddo was exactly that.

Manmeet Duggal, VP of Engineering
TCP New York, NY, USA

Working with Apoddo has been a great long-term partnership. They have consistently provided high-quality developers at reasonable rates. Their team is professional and responsive, making the hiring process seamless. I look forward to continuing our partnership for all of our future tech talent needs.

Ryan Scoville, CTO
Moving Image Gmbh, Berlin, Germany

Apoddo  was a game changer for our startup. They quickly provided us with a top-notch engineering team at a great value. Highly recommend them to any startup in need of tech talent

Khushboo Jha, CEO
BuyProperly, Toronto ON, Canada

As an AI startup, finding the right talent was crucial for our success. Apoddo delivered by providing us with a team of highly skilled engineers. Their rates were also very competitive. We're happy to have them as our long-term partner for all our future talent needs.

Triet Le, VP of Engineering,
Austin TX, USA

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